Air Scaler Hand piece 4 Holes with 3 Tips


Product Features:

  • Beautiful appearance, and comfortable in your hand
  • Less pain than ultrasonic scaler, more applicable for pain-sensitive patients
  • Generates less heat while in use, therefore less cooling water required
  • Quickly eliminates tartar, plaque and stains
  • Not harmful to gums and teeth enamel

Technical Specifications:

Specifications: M4 (4H)
Connection: 4-hole hand piece spiral tube
Frequency: From 0 to 17,000 Hz
Pressure: 0.01-0.4 Mpa (0-4kgf/cm2)
Air Flow: 22L/Min
Durable temperature: 135℃
Weight (excluding scaler insert): 66.2 g (2.14 oz)
Length (excluding scaler tips): 118.5 mm (4.7″)