AutoMatrix Refill – 72/pk


In situations where a circumferential matrix is required, the AutoMatrix Retainerless Matrix System provides a marginal seal and a form for placement of restorative material without the need for a bulky retainer. Its design is ideal for larger preparations and buccal or lingual extensions.

Product Features:

  • Palodent Plus ring assists in proper embrasure creation by preventing over distending of the band;
  • Palodent Plus ring tines hold the band securely which keeps the band from slipping up away from the gingival margin, and from cutting down into tissue;
  • This combination provides a better seal at the line angles than typically achieved with a circumferential matrix system – resulting in less flash;
  • Palodent Plus ring separates the teeth, eliminating the need for forced wedging and allowing use of the Palodent Plus wedge which is designed to minimize the impingement of soft tissue.
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