Carestream – DF 56 #1 (100/box)

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Product Features:
  • Kodak DF 56 Film in Ultra-speed is available with a Clinasept barrier feature to help reduce the risk of infection;
  • Dental films are commonly used in several dental techniques and procedures. This ensures that several important proofs can be built and stored successfully in the dental films by the dentists and other dental professionals;
  • Kodak is one of the most trustable companies for the production of the films. These films can be used by doctors of other medical fields too. The Kodak DF 56 dental film can be used successfully for various dental procedures in dental clinics and dental hospitals;
  • These periapical films are of great use as they provide detailed facts for the respective cases;
  • The quality of the Kodak DF 56 Dental Film is quite appreciable and reduces the risk of infection at the time of the shooting of the radiographs;
  • 100 per box;
  • Latex-free;
  • Crisp images;
  • Size 1 X-Ray film.
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