Cavit G/P/W Jars 28 gr (3M ESPE)

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Cavit G/P/W Jars 28 gr (3M ESPE) Cavit™ is a self-cured, filling material for temporary restoration of cavities. Product Features:
  • Simple to apply with a filling instrument and cures void free in a moist environment;
  • Slight expansion of the filling material ensures a well-sealed margin;
  • Cavit is for inlay preparation removable completely without burs;
  • Available in Cavit-Gray, Cavit-Pink and Cavit-White.
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Cavit G/P/W Jars 28 gr (3M ESPE)
Cavit G/P/W Jars 28 gr (3M ESPE) a premier choice for precise restorative procedures. Crafted by 3M ESPE, renowned for innovation and quality in dental supplies, these jars offer exceptional performance and reliability. Specially designed for dental applications, they ensure optimal handling and durability, allowing dentists to achieve precise results with ease. Engineered with superior materials, these jars maintain integrity throughout procedures, promoting patient comfort and satisfaction
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