Cavit Tubes – Pink/White 10-Pack (3M ESPE)

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Cavit Tubes – Pink/White 10-Pack (3M ESPE) Product Features:
  • Cavit™ Tubes – Pink/White 10-Pack (3M ESPE) 7-gram Tubes
  • Light-cured temporary sealing compound intended for temporary restoration of cavities.
  • Quick & void-free curing in a moist environment.
  • Slight expansion ensuring a well-sealed margin.
  • Simple application with a filling instrument.
  • Cavit™ Original ‘Pink’ with high surface hardness for filling occlusion-loaded restorations.
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Cavit Tubes - Pink/White (3M ESPE)
Cavit Tubes – Pink/White 10-Pack (3M ESPE) ensuring premium quality and reliability in dental procedures. Crafted by 3M ESPE, a trusted name in dental supplies, these tubes are designed to meet the demanding standards of modern dentistry. Each pack contains 10 meticulously crafted tubes, combining the delicate hues of pink and white for ease of identification and seamless workflow. Engineered with precision, Cavit Tubes offer exceptional performance, aiding dentists in various procedures with confidence.
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