Dental Loupe 3.5 Power with Light

$220.00 $198.00

Recommended for first time users and it is the easiest loupe to adjust to. It is the most popular model among dental students and dental hygienists. It has a wide field of view and generous depth of field with enough power for daily dental procedures.

Product Features:

  • Head Strap
  • Adjustment Tool
  • Protective Caps
  • Setting Target
  • Flip Grip
  • Ultra Light Weight (75.0 grams)
  • One Step Pupillary Adjustment
  • Convenient 420mm Working Distance
  • Adjustable Angular Viewing
  • Large Depth of Field
  • Easy Convergence Settings
  • Safety Soft Touch Frame
  • Flip-up Design
  • Large Field of View
  • Stylish Designs
  • Multi-Person Use
  • Inclusive cleaning cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Flexible Headband

Product Specifications:

Magnification: 3.5 x
Working Distance: 420mm
Depth of Field: 80mm
Field of View: 60mm
Weight: 52g
Frames: ABS+PCS