Drills for Parallel Posts (2/Pk)

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Drills for Parallel Posts (2/Pk) Product Features:
  • Drills for Parallel Posts (2/Pack);
  • Internationally accepted post technique for core build-ups and casting techniques Serrated, vented posts permit maximum retention with easy insertion and positive seating without stress or trauma;
  • Chair-side kit contains seven standardized sizes ranging from 0.36”/0.9mm to 0.70”/1.75mm providing flexibility for all post placement requirements;
  • Colour-coded posts and corresponding safety drills;
  • Available in sizes #3, #4, #5 and #6.
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Drills for Parallel Posts
Drills for Parallel Posts (2/Pk) exclusively designed for dental professionals. Crafted with precision and quality, these drills ensure accurate and efficient procedures for dentists worldwide. Engineered to perfection, our drills guarantee seamless performance, making dental procedures smoother and more precise. Manufactured with the highest standards in mind, each drill undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet the demands of modern dentistry
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