Fuji II LC Capsules (50/Pack)

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Fuji II LC Capsules (50/Pack) Product Features:
  • Fuji II is a self-cured, glass ionomer restorative featuring high resistance to water which can be finished in just 15 minutes (under water spray);
  • Its high surface hardness provides a durable restoration;
  • Excellent tear and bond strength;
  • Low solubility;
  • Proven fluoride release.
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Fuji II LC Capsules
Fuji II LC Capsules (50/Pack) he premium choice for dental professionals seeking top-tier restorative solutions. Crafted with precision and innovation, these capsules are meticulously designed for optimal performance in dental procedures. Manufactured with a focus on quality, each capsule ensures reliable and consistent results, meeting the high standards of modern dentistry.
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