Hand Sanitizer Gel 1 LITRE Bottle – AG 70% Alcohol


Our 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is an approved sanitizer product by Health Canada and the FDA that is very effective at killing germs and bacteria. Ethyl Alcohol/Ethanol used in our products is USP/NF, BP or FCC purity grade which is in recommendation with Health Canada’s and the FDA’s Antiseptic Skin Cleanser Monograph. A monograph is a regulatory standard that acts as a “recipe book” for acceptable ingredients, doses, formulations, indications, and labeling for over the counter pharmaceutical products. When chemical compounds or active ingredients are listed on the FDA and Health Canada monograph, this is confirmation that the ingredient was evaluated through different scientific and clinical studies and is approved for use.

Each lot of the alcohol raw material is tested for impurities and each bulk and finished product lot is tested for the level of active ingredients before it is released.

  • Top grade gel-based hand sanitizer
  • 70% ethanol alcohol
  • made in Canada