Hemodent (Premier) – 10 cc

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Hemodent (Premier) – 10 cc Hemodent® Liquid is a buffered, aluminum chloride, epinephrine-free hemostatic product that effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. This topical hemostatic agent is recommended to arrest bleeding during crown preparations, before impressions are taken, placing fillings, cement bases, or cementing inlays or crowns. Also beneficial for minor surgery, curettage, gingivectomies, gingivoplasty and deep scaling.
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Hemodent (Premier)
Hemodent (Premier) – 10 cc a premium solution tailored for dental professionals. Crafted with precision and quality, Hemodent ensures optimal results during dental procedures. Specially designed to control minor bleeding and hemorrhage, this product offers reliability and efficiency in every application. Developed with meticulous attention to detail, Hemodent guarantees superior performance, meeting the exacting standards of dental practices worldwide
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