Hemostat – Rankin-Crile Forceps 6.25″ – Straight

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Hemostat – Rankin-Crile Forceps 6.25″ – Straight Product Features:
  • Primarily designed to stop bleeding;
  • 1.28 oz. in weight, 6.25”/size, and serration pattern;
  • Rankin-Crile Hemostatic Clamps feature a jaw that is 1/3 the length of the shank, similar to the Rankin Hemostat, but have serrations End, Working end length 1.5”;
  • Also used for soft tissue dissection in Laparotomy procedures;
  • The lightweight modification provides the surgeon with greater control and less fatigue;
  • Horizontal serrations the entire length of the jaw, and jaws half the length of the shank make this instrument unique;
  • This product is straight with serrated tips.
Hemostat - Rankin-Crile Forceps 6.25" - Straight
Hemostat – Rankin-Crile Forceps 6.25″ – Straight Rankin-Crile Hemostatic Forceps are a standard clamp regularly used to hold tissue or lumen.
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