Intra Oral Tips (100/Pack)

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Intra Oral Tips (100/Pack) Product Features:
  • Clear – SMALL Intra Oral Tips. Fits Universal Mixing Tips (VP8100/VP8110) and HP Mixing Tips #VP-8104
  • Manufacturer Code: VP-8101SM
  • Brand: Defend
  • Packaging: 100 Intra-oral tips
  • Style: Clear
  • Type: Intra-oral tips.
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Intra Oral Tips
Intra Oral Tips (100/Pack) meticulously crafted for dental professionals seeking unparalleled precision and reliability during procedures. Engineered with utmost care, these tips epitomize excellence in dental instrumentation, ensuring seamless integration with your existing equipment. Designed to optimize patient comfort and enhance procedural efficiency, our Intra Oral Tips boast superior material quality and ergonomic construction, guaranteeing a smooth and precise dental experience.
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