Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps (50/Pk)

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Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps (50/Pk) Product Features:
  • Ketac™-Silver reinforced glass Ionomer restorative material is available in a convenient Aplicap™ delivery for core build-ups, small posterior and primary tooth restorations;
  • Good thermal and electrical insulating properties;
  • Silver particles are sintered into the glass;
  • Ketac Silver contains no amalgam.
Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps
Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps (50/Pk) a premium dental product designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Specially crafted for dentists, these caps offer superior durability and precision for various dental procedures. Engineered with advanced materials, Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction. Each cap undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and consistency, providing dentists with confidence in every application. With a commitment to excellence, Ketac Silver Aplicap Caps deliver unparalleled performance in restorative dentistry, empowering professionals to achieve outstanding outcomes.  
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