Luxatemp Ultra Automix 76g Cartridge + Mixing Tips (DMG America)


Luxatemp Ultra Automix 76g Cartridge + Mixing Tips Luxatemp Automix Plus is used to create provisional restorations for placement in the patient’s mouth during indirect and prosthodontics treatments. The Luxatemp Automix Plus System combines approximately 30% more of the original automix provisional crown and bridge material in a new and improved cartridge delivery system.

Product Features:

  • Negligible linear shrinkage during polymerization;
  • Provides extremely accurate provisional with excellent marginal adaptation;
  • Eliminates need to re-marginate;
  • Provisional is easily removable; minimal heat production during polymerization;
  • Fabricate provisionals directly in the patient’s mouth with no heat damage to pulp or tissue;
  • Eliminates need to remove and replace multiple times during polymerization;
  • Quick, easy-to-use Automix System – no hand mixing or reloading syringes;
  • Saves money-no need for mixing pads, spatulas, application syringes;
  • Eliminates waste with self-sealing Mixing Tips allows easy control of the material being used;
  • Specially designed Mixing Tips provide an exact 10:1 base/catalyst ratio-a thorough mix every time;
  • Minimizes porous surfaces, reducing staining from coffee, tea, etc.;
  • Color stable;
  • No air bubble voids. Does not contain liquid monomers;
  • Great patient acceptance: neutral taste, no odour or stinging of gingiva;
  • Strong, abrasion resistant;
  • Durable and long-lasting provisionals;
  • High hardness prevents wearing down of bridges; there are no perforations of the provisional, eliminating the risk of saliva, bacteria and thermal irritants reaching the tooth.
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