Mayo Scissors With Carbide Inserted Blades (Pomee USA)


Product Features:

  • Novo Surgical’s Mayo Scissors are handcrafted with tungsten carbide inlays to increase durability and provide the sharpest cutting edges;
  • This beveled scissor comes in a variety of lengths with both straight and curved tips for the surgeon who prefers a beveled instrument;
  • Novo Surgical’s Mayo Scissors are ideal for routine cutting, including of sutures, but are durable enough to withstand dissecting of heavy fascia tissue;
  • These scissors are offered in both straight and curved varieties to accommodate a range of cases;
  • Straight scissors are ideal for surface level use while the curved pattern is better for use deep within tissue or muscle;
  • The 6¾” length is available in both a curved and straight left handed model;
  • Tungsten carbide inlays are bonded to scissor blades, providing increased durability, sharper cutting edges and enhanced service-life;
  • These scissors feature gold-plated handles.
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