OptiBond Solo Unidose (100/Pack)

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OptiBond Solo Unidose (100/Pack) Product Features:
  • OptiBond Solo™ Plus is an adhesive providing direct and indirect applications in one bottle;
  • Filled with the new .4 micron filler, Optibond Solo Plus allows direct bonding to composite, amalgam, porcelain and indirect bonding of inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and posts;
  • Fluoride release Ethanol instead of acetone;
  • Contains: 100 (0.10 ml) OptiBond Solo Plus unidose packets, 1 (3 g) syringe gel etchant with 20 tips, 100 applicator tips, 1 directions for use and 1 technique guide.
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OptiBond Solo Unidose
OptiBond Solo Unidose (100/Pack) a premier dental adhesive designed for precision and reliability in dental procedures. Crafted with utmost care, OptiBond Solo Unidose ensures seamless bonding for dental restorations, offering unparalleled quality and performance. Engineered specifically for dentists, this product streamlines application processes while ensuring optimal results, enhancing patient satisfaction and practitioner confidence. With its convenient single-dose packaging, OptiBond Solo Unidose prioritizes hygiene and efficiency in dental practices, elevating the standard of care
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