Parallel Posts (10/Pk)

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Parallel Posts (10/Pk) Product Features:
  • ParaPost® XH is a passive cemented, parallel-sided post with rounded, undercut head for direct post/core buildups in one appointment;
  • This titanium alloy post is ideal for glass ionomer/composite core buildups, which require the safety of a passive post;
  • Rounded edges of the head minimize stress points that could lead to core failure;
  • Undercut, slotted head securely locks on glass ionomer and composite core materials firmly and easily;
  • Raised diamond-shape retention pattern provides maximum retention with the additional safety of a passive post.
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Parallel Posts
Parallel Posts (10/Pk) a premium product designed to enhance efficiency and precision during dental procedures. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Parallel Posts ensure optimal alignment and stability, facilitating seamless dental work. Engineered to meet the exacting standards of dentists, these posts offer exceptional quality and reliability, promising consistent performance with every use. Designed to streamline dental procedures and enhance patient comfort
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