Plastic Drinking Cups 5 oz (1000/Case)

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Plastic Drinking Cups 5 oz (1000/Case) Product Features:
  • Plastic Drinking Cups 5oz;
  • 1,000 cups per case;
  • Please specify colour.
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Plastic Drinking Cups 5 oz
Plastic Drinking Cups 5 oz (1000/Case) meticulously crafted for dental practices with unparalleled quality. Designed for utmost patient comfort and hygiene, these 5 oz cups provide optimal functionality during dental procedures. Manufactured from durable, food-grade plastic, they ensure reliability and safety with every use. Our cups boast a smooth finish, preventing discomfort or irritation during patient care. Ideal for rinsing and disposing of liquids, they enhance the efficiency of dental operations while maintaining strict sanitation standards
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