Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips (100/Pk)

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Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips (100/Pk) Product Features:
  • Disposable, blunt end pre-bent needle tips used to dispense hemostatic gel, etch, sealants and flowable composites;
  • The higher the gauge, the smaller the needle diameter. The 30-gauge needle has the smallest diameter;
  • Refill Package 100/Count Cavity Liners, Bases and Composites.
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Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips
Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips (100/Pk) Our high-quality Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips are specially designed for precision placement of dental composites and sealants. With their angled design, these tips provide superior access and visibility, allowing you to easily reach those hard-to-get areas in your patients’ mouths. Made from durable plastic, each dispensing tip features a finely tapered barrel for excellent control and a side-ported opening to ensure accurate material delivery. Our tips fit securely onto most composite syringes and won’t detach mid-procedure
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