Protemp 4 – Cartridges (3M ESPE)

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Protemp 4 – Cartridges (3M ESPE) Product Features:
  • Reliably tough temporaries due to highest fracture resistance and better abrasion stability – also suitable for long-term temporisation;
  • Patient-pleasing aesthetics and a comfortable fit through a smooth surface, natural shine and fluorescence, high colour stability;
  • Easy plaque removal to support gingival health;
  • Easier and faster handling and fabrication due to the reduced smear layer and gloss without polishing or glazing.
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Protemp 4 - Cartridges (3M ESPE)
Protemp 4 – Cartridges (3M ESPE) 4 Temporisation Material 3M ESPE has set another milestone in temporary crown and bridge materials. 3M ESPE has applied its expertise in nanotechnology to create the first bis-acrylic composite with a new generation of sophisticated fillers. The result is unparalleled achievements in strength, handling and aesthetics.
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