Flexitime Easy Putty (Heraeus Kulzer)

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Flexitime Easy Putty (Heraeus Kulzer) Flexitime Easy Putty (Kulzer) 300ml Base & 300ml Catalyst Flexitime® is a vinylpolysiloxane impression material that has a full range of indications and a working time from 1 to 2.5 minutes (total set time 3.5 to 5 minutes). Superior hydrophilicity on a polyether level creates excellent detail reproduction in moist environments. Resist tearing and distortion upon removal with Flexitime’s exceptional toughness. Read impressions easily with high-contrast colours
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Flexitime Easy Putty (Heraeus Kulzer)
Flexitime Easy Putty (Heraeus Kulzer) a premium dental solution tailored for professionals seeking top-tier quality in dental impressions. Crafted with precision, this innovative putty offers unparalleled ease of use and exceptional performance, ensuring accurate impressions for every patient. Heraeus Kulzer’s Flexitime Easy Putty is meticulously designed to streamline the dental workflow, allowing dentists to achieve precise results efficiently
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