Vitrebond Plus – 10gm Clicker (2/Pack)

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Vitrebond Plus – 10gm Clicker (2/Pack) Product Features:
  • Manufactured by 3M ESPE;
  • Strong bond to dentin seals tooth to protect against microleakage;
  • Faster curing time than powder-liquid formulas;
  • Fluoride release of a true glass ionomer;
  • No additional hardware;
  • Radiopaque;
  • Excellent handling for easy placement;
  • Contains: 2 Clicker™ Dispensers Containing Approximately 10 g of Liner Material, 1 Large Mixing Pad and Instructions for Use.
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Vitrebond Plus - 10gm Clicker
Vitrebond Plus – 10gm Clicker (2/Pack) This convenient paste-liquid formula in a unique clicker dispenser offers the protection of a conventional glass ionomer liner without the mess of measuring.
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